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ECOPLUS JM the Most Environmental Choice in the UNISEC Line

Dry cleaning with the Environment in focus.

ECOPLUS JM Do not use a distillation but instead, a closed filtration system which makes it much more Energy-Efficient and Environmental-Friendly

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The Environmental Choice 

Invest in the Future and in the Environment all with the same equipment. ECOPLUS JM is one of the Most Sustainable option in the market

*Based on comparisons with previously tested models at our facility.


ECOPLUS JM does not consume energy by heating up a distill but instead utilizes a closed-circuit filtration system for cleaning the solvent making it more Energy-Efficient

Low Maintenance

The ECOPLUS JM offers 45% Less Maintenance than other machines


With a lower energy cost and a Sustainable Solvent selection ECOPLUS JM is one of the most Enviromental Friendly machines on the market

Sustainability and Environmental Impact in Focus


Environment in Mind

UNISEC ECOPLUS JM stands out as one of the most Sustainable and Energy-Efficient models on the market. Instead of relying on distillation, it utilizes a closed filtration system to clean the solvent

This innovative design makes it adaptable to nearly all Multi-Solvent options available, making it an ideal choice for those who aim to achieve exceptional cleaning results while prioritizing
Environmental Sustainability

More User Friendly - and Efficient Than Ever

Optimal Washing, Real-Time Monitoring, and Remote Accessibility from Any Device

, Intuitive, and Highly Versatile, the
UNISEC ECOPLUS JM series is ideal for professional dry cleaners. The TC-Computer Screen enables optimal washing processes and delivers the best cleaning results, allowing you to monitor the machine and its processes in real-time with ease

Equipped with a synoptic computer and touch screen, it provides clear, real-time visualization of all functions. Its User-Friendly interface ensures seamless operation and control

With the RC-Connect it can be remotely controlled from any smartphone or computer to further offer

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With the UNIDRY Drying Control system, you will reduce your energy costs and increase your economic benefits, as well as optimize drying times

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The UNIHEATER enhances the cleaning effectiveness of solvents. By using a steam boiler and sensors controlled by the UNISEC machine's PLC, the solvent is heated to its optimal temperature. This system, when combined with the UNICOOLER, significantly improves the cleaning performance of the solvent used

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With the UNICOOLER, you can monitor and control the temperature of solvents, mitigating any risks during the cleaning process. This solvent cooling device, utilizing a heat pump, ensures precise temperature regulation, enhancing Safety and Efficiency in your cleaning operations

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Certified Excellence | UNISEC

Our commitment to durability, quality, and sustainability drives us, and we proudly showcase our certifications as evidence of our dedication to making a difference

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