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Discover energy-saving solutions for your Professional Laundry with UNISEC.

Optimize your laundry operations and stay competitive.

Reduce operating costs without sacrificing efficiency. Our high-spin commercial washing machines ensure optimal performance. 



More Efficient 

Invest wisely for significant returns – partner with UNISEC high spin washer extractor and save over 65% on your professional laundry operating expenses.

*Based on comparisons with previously tested models at our facility.

Forming the sustainability in laundry 

Reduce chemical and detergent consumption

Reduce overall expenses with smart dosing features.

Perfect cleaning results

Improved cleaning outcomes due to our high-speed spinning.

More efficient than ever

save over 65% on your professional laundry operating expenses.

Reduce chemical and detergent consumption

Reduce overall expenses with our smart dosing features.

Minimize chemical and detergent consumption with UNISEC's advanced washer extractor technology. Our machines are designed to optimize the use of cleaning agents, detergents, and chemicals ensuring efficient and effective cleaning while reducing overall usage. With precise dosing capabilities and customizable settings, you can achieve superior cleaning results while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Hotel Pool

Perfect cleaning results

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Achieve exceptional cleaning results with our high spin washer extractor. Its advanced technology ensures thorough removal of dirt and stains, leaving garments fresh and spotless. With precise control over spin speed and cycle duration, every load is treated with care and efficiency, guaranteeing superior cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Maximize dewatering in the wash phase with our high spin machines and minimize residual moisture content, leading to a shorter drying time.

More efficient than ever

UNISEC washer-extractors offer unparalleled efficiency, resulting in up to 65% savings in time, costs, and energy consumption.


By streamlining laundry operations and optimizing resource utilization, our machines significantly reduce processing times, minimize labor requirements, and slash utility expenses. With advanced features such as intelligent dosing functions and high-speed spin cycles, UNISEC washer-extractors deliver exceptional cleaning results while maximizing efficiency, allowing businesses to achieve higher productivity and profitability.

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Certified Excellence | UNISEC

Our commitment to durability, quality, and sustainability drives us, and we proudly showcase our certifications as evidence of our dedication to making a difference.

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