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JUNIOR HCM the Perfect Result without Disturbing the Environment

JUNIOR HCM is for the Professional who wants a more Environmental approach without compromising the result

Thanks to UNISEC adaptability, you can choose the most suitable solvent for your operation, ensuring Maximum Optimization.

Designed For the End User

The UNISEC JUNIOR HCM offers Adaptability in both size and features, allowing it to meet the diverse needs of end users by providing Customized Solutions for various operational requirements.

Perfect Result

Unbeatable cleaning results with the JUNIOR HCM Series Due to the Features that it has to offer.


The UNISEC JUNIOR HCM is adaptable in size and features, and tailored to meet the specific needs of the End User.


With a Sustainable Solvent selection JUNIOR HCM is both Enviromental - Friendly and incredibly effective

Unmatched Adaptability and Sustainability

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Adapt the Equipment to Your Standards

UNISEC JUNIOR HCM stands out as one of the most Adaptable and Sustainable models on the market. from 8 Kg machine up to 70 kg

This innovative design makes it adaptable to nearly all Multi-Solvent options available, making it an ideal choice for those who aim to achieve exceptional cleaning results while also prioritizing
Environmental Sustainability

More User Friendly - and Efficient Than Ever

Optimal Washing, Real-Time Monitoring, and Remote Accessibility from Any Device

, Intuitive, and Highly Versatile, the
UNISEC JUNIOR HCM series is ideal for professional dry cleaners. The TC-Computer Screen enables optimal washing processes and delivers the best cleaning results, allowing you to monitor the machine and its processes in real time with ease

Equipped with a synoptic computer and touch screen, it provides clear, real-time visualization of all functions. Its User-Friendly interface ensures seamless operation and control

With the RC-Connect it can be remotely controlled from any smartphone or computer to further offer

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With the UNIDRY Drying Control system, you will reduce your energy costs and increase your economic benefits, as well as optimize drying times

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Redundant Security Systems provide multiple layers of protection to ensure that your operation remains secure, even in the face of unexpected events. These systems include backup mechanisms, Fail-Safes, and alternative protocols that Activate Automatically if the primary security measures fail.

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With UNISTILL you can keep

your machine in perfect working conditions and at full capacity simply from the computer without any manual effort. Comfort, Time Savings, and Well-Being are the greatest benefits

for users of a UNISEC 

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Certified Excellence | UNISEC

Our commitment to durability, quality, and sustainability drives us, and we proudly showcase our certifications as evidence of our dedication to making a difference

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